The entertainment Parks & Arcades sales uk book presents 14 years old and Forecast info out there for every of the 26 items / prone lined. the goods / providers coated (Amusement parks & arcades traces) are labeled via the 5-Digit NAICS Product Codes and every Product and providers is then additional outlined and analysed by means of every one 6 to 10-Digit NAICS Product Codes. moreover complete monetary information (188 goods: historical and Forecast stability Sheet, monetary Margins and Ratios) info is supplied, in addition to information (59 goods) for United Kingdom.


1. leisure parks & arcades Lines
2. Tuition/fees/oth payt from delivering educational or tech instruction
3. club dues
4. Admissions, apart from admission taxes
5. entertainment machines operated by means of this establishment
6. entertainment mach op by way of this est: Phonograph, CD, or video jukeboxes
7. enjoyment machines operated by way of this est: Pinball machines
8. enjoyment machines operated via this institution: Video games
9. Amusmt mach op by way of this est:Oth amusmt mach, excl blrd/pool tbls
10. proportion of receipts from concess/amusmt now not operated via this estab
11. advertisements, together with endorsement fees
12. Gaming receipts
13. Gaming tables/slot mach/oth gaming act or units op through this est
14. Est's share-rcpt fm slots/gaming devices/off-track making a bet, etc.
15. quantities obtained for using leisure facilities
16. excitement boat dockage, slip condo, release charges, & storage
17. Lodging
18. item sales
19. item revenues: Fuels & lubricants
20. All different item, no longer laid out in type
21. revenues of nutrition & beverages
22. revenues of nutrients & nonalcoholic beverages
23. revenues of alcoholic beverages
24. apartment or hire of products &/or equipment
25. All different receipts
26. All different working receipts

There are 188 monetary goods lined, together with:
Total revenues, Pre-tax revenue, curiosity Paid, Non-trading source of revenue, working revenue, Depreciation: constructions, Depreciation: P + E, Depreciation: Misc., overall Depreciation, buying and selling revenue, Intangible resources, Intermediate resources, resources: buildings, resources: P + E, overall fastened resources, Capital Expenditure: (Structures, P + E, autos, facts Processing, Misc.), overall Capital Expenditure, Retirements: buildings, Retirements: P + E, Retirements: Misc., overall Retirements, overall mounted resources, complete Product shares, paintings in growth, fabrics as shares, overall shares / stock, borrowers, upkeep bills, companies bought, overall present resources, overall resources, collectors, brief time period Loans, overall present Liabilities, internet resources / Capital hired, Shareholders money, long-term Loans, long-term Liabilities, staff, Hours labored, staff, uncooked fabrics, accomplished fabrics, gas, electrical energy, overall enter provides / fabrics + strength expenses, Payroll expenditures, Wages, Director Remunerations, worker advantages, worker Commissions, overall staff Remunerations, Sub Contractors, apartment & Leasing: constructions, condo & Leasing: P + E, overall apartment & Leasing charges, upkeep: constructions, upkeep: P + E, Communications expenditures, Misc. bills, revenues group of workers Variable expenditures, revenues bills, revenues fabrics expenses, overall revenues charges, Distribution fastened + Variable charges, Premises fastened charges, Premises Variable expenses, actual dealing with mounted + Variable charges, actual technique mounted + Variable expenses, Distribution charges, Media advertisements, advertisements fabrics, POS & exhibit, occasions, advertisements bills, Product dealing with, Product aid, Product provider, purchaser challenge charges, After-Sales charges, advertising charges, New know-how + construction know-how Expenditure, examine + improvement Expenditure, Operational & method charges, borrowers (Terms + Un-recoverable).
/.. etc.

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