The epic finale to Frank Miller’s follow-up to THE darkish KNIGHT RETURNS! arrange for the ultimate showdown among Lex Luthor’s dictatorship and Batman’s military! Plus, Batman confronts the fellow who has been dressed because the Joker—and his id will positioned the darkish Knight in a struggle for his life!

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Ultimate bankruptcy. Arkham Asylum is in ruins, destroyed by means of the Joker’s posthumous act of terror. The media and the Gotham police pour in, trying to find Batman, in simple terms to discover shreds of his uniform amidst the rubble. Has the Joker complete in loss of life what he couldn't in achieving in life?

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The ultimate act starts off with a Father's Day examine heroes—Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson—whose lives have been eternally replaced by means of the murders in their mom and dad. Witness the tales of Batman and Robin's first nights as orphans in Wayne Manor.

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Batgirl and Robin needs to workforce as much as face the ghost of Benedict Arnold, who appears to take over Washington, D. C. , in "The Invader from Hell. " Plus, the foundation of the Batgirl and Robin group, the beginning of Man-Bat and more!

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“RISE OF THE DEMON” half 4! Can an older, bodily weakened Bruce Wayne pop out of retirement to rescue Batman? As Terry battles a renewed and extra lethal Ra’s al Ghul in Tibet, purely Bruce understands that Terry is dealing with life-threatening menaces—Ra’s and the experimental Batman swimsuit that he’s now donning.

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